A Little Bit About Me….

Kari in Halong BayWelcome to my travel blog! My name is Kari and I created this site so I could share some of my favorite travel spots & amazing food discoveries with my close friends, family and anyone else in the world looking for travel & food inspiration.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in 3 major U.S Cities (Boston, New York City & San Francisco), on a boat that sailed around the world (shout out to the Semester at Sea MV Explorer), and in a Dutch castle with 2 moats and lots of ducks. I’ve been able to travel to over 39 countries and 25 states and every time I come home, I find myself sharing pictures, videos and trying to replicate some of the amazing food that I had discovered on my trips.

I hope that you’ll be inspired to discover some amazing places by reading my posts and if you have any questions about my travels – feel free to contact me at happilytraveling@gmail.com.